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Cost Free CX Analysis

The Map & Key team would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we could unlock value for you and your business. Through our unique customer and workplace experience management offering, we can focus on specific areas that your business may be struggling with. We understand that you don’t have a lot of time so we suggests a 45 minute meeting so we can get the information we need to enhance your CX and that we can offer you the best possible plan of action that suits your business’s needs, as well as your employees.

Our High-Level Cost-Free Assessment (6-8 hour engagement) includes these outcomes:

Customer Insights

Customer insights report, identifying your customers’ goals, expectations and pain points.

Customer Journey Map

High level ‘As-Is’ customer journey map, identifying pain points and possible opportunities.

Return on Investment

A Business Case which includes your possible ROI, evaluating the opportunity costs against the cost of investing in our solution.


We understand that your time is limited. A 45 minute meeting with you will allow us to answer all of your questions and demonstrate our value proposition.


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Map & Key is here to help you to craft ‘Disney’ like customer and employee experiences, we are your preferred CX support brand.