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Consulting Services


Conduct ethnographic studies and observe customers in real life. Conduct focus groups with different customer segments. Conduct one-on-one interviews with current customers, front-line staff and managers. Continuously gather and analyze customer feedback and responses.


Ethnographic Research

Focus Groups

1-on-1 Interviews

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Employee

Qualitative Data Analysis

Customer/User Personas

Customer Value Propositions

Mystery Shopping


Map customer and employee journeys to help define and analyze the problem space. Identify how customers want to be treated and what they need in order to achieve their ‘desired outcomes’. Generate innovative ideas and solutions with cross-functional teams. Design new products or services based on deep customer insights. Map the underlying service blueprint required to deliver the desired outcome/experience. Service blueprint mapping includes: frontline staff journey, back-office business processes, business impact, business constrains, business and IT capabilities. Map efficient, lean, human centred business processes.


Readiness/CX Maturity Assessment

Business Canvas

Customer Centric Business Strategies & Vision

Customer Journey Management

Service Design Maps

Conceptual Solution Architecture

CX Measurement Systems

Employee Engagement Initiatives


Foster a culture of growth and innovation. Identify possible barriers and what you need to move forward or get unstuck. Share actionable feedback, personalized advice, and growth plans. Define what values and culture your organization needs to effectively adopt the business change.


Organisational values and culture facilitation

Culture Canvas

CX/Business Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

X-perience Mastermind Groups

Change Management


The Customer Experience Masterclass is presented by Ian Golding, world-renowned Customer Experience Specialist and author and co-hosted by Michelle Badenhorst from Map & Key.


CX Masterclasses including CXPA exam prep co-hosted by world renown author and CX specialist, Ian Golding

Customised CX training based on customer’s competency gaps

We are experts in transforming the way organizations and business leaders think about their customers and the workplace. We help them to invite, inspire, initiate, and steer successful business change resulting in business growth.