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Who we are?

Map & Key is a business design practice specializing in the design and implementation of customer and workplace experience strategies that enable consistent, positive, connected experiences, while ensuring business growth, improved customer loyalty and improved employee satisfaction.

Michelle Badenhorst, founder of Map & Key has more than 25 years’ experience in sales, product design, organizational and digital transformation, experience design and change management. Her well-rounded experience provides her with the knowledge to examine your customers’ experiences.

Michelle very recently co-authored a 1# bestseller customer experience book with 21 international CX professionals. In this book they share their current best-thinking around best-practice CX principles.

We solve complex business challenges by using design methodologies and design mindsets, helping us to co-design & co-create meaningful solutions.

We apply design practices to:

Ensure easy, effective and emotionally connected customer interactions

Meet and exceed customer expectations

Create healthier and happier offices

Re-imagine your culture

Re-engineer employee experiences

Put your employees at the centre of the workplace

“Compassion is about co-designing & co-creating with people, for people. It’s the only way to help organizations design and manage business change resulting in truly people centric culture, products, services and processes thus ensuring business sustainability.”

We promote collaboration,

self-innovation, co-creation and upfront prototyping

We enable collaboration in the workplace, ensuring multi-disciplinary teams work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal


We help professionals and leaders to leverage their very best to create meaningful, rewarding change.


We design business change with people, for people, resulting in people centric culture, products, services & processes.


We promote testing small parts of an experience, or the new solution to ensure that we are addressing the right problem.

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