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Introducing Map & Key

Designing & Implementing Optimal Brand Experiences

We are experts in transforming the way organizations and business leaders think about their customers and the workplace. We help them to invite, inspire, initiate, and steer successful business change, resulting in business growth.

Understanding your clientele and employees is the fundamental steppingstone your business needs in order to create an excellent customer experience and to train your staff in understanding that customer experience is an essential part of your business.

All in a nutshell

We promote collaboration, self-innovation, co-creation and upfront prototyping. We enable collaboration in the workplace, ensuring multi-disciplinary teams work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal.

What we create is a structured, yet practical way for your business to move forward in your customer experience journey with the right tools. So what are these tools? We offer consultation services based on the needs of your business, customer experience training and a cost free analysis.

Our Mission

To create better customer & workplace experiences within the South African context. We will achieve this by co-designing & co-creating ‘Disney’- like experience with people for people.

To support emerging CX leaders & professionals to identify and overcome gaps in their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can be more resourceful and strategic in their business. We help them to invite, inspire, initiate, and steer successful business change resulting in business growth.

Our Values

Establishing a culture of making life-long experiences.

Establishing a culture of self-innovate & co-create.

Consulting Services


This is where we gain a deep understanding of your customers and turn knowledge into insight.

We help you to develop new strategies for listening to your customers (VoC) and gaining non-obvious, actionable insights that are powerful enough to change your customers’ behaviour and design products and services around them.



This is where we co-design and co-create your ‘Disney’ like experiences that enable easy, emotionally connected customer journeys, while ensuring business growth and improved customer satisfaction.

We help you to design and implement strategies that focus on customers’ outcomes, ensuring happy and loyal customers.



This is where we inspire and champion organisational and cultural changes, driving behaviour and the outcomes you like to achieve.

We help you to create an engaged, empowered, customer-centric workplace with an infectious attitude towards creating powerful customer experiences.



This is where we help you to improve and/or build your internal CX capability.

We help you to mature your internal CX and continuous improvement competencies, in order to become more outside-in focused through knowledge transfer. We offer both CX Masterclasses and customised training solutions.


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